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. >> the administration is on the defensive clearly and the crickets want it to be about the president's credibility that he is lying, that he knew all along. but there are some facts you have to engage with here. when the president made those statements, they grandfathered in all of the existing insurance policies before the affordable care act passed. the government cannot be responsible for the decisions of private insurance companies. and the people who are getting their plans canceled are 5% of the market who operate on the individual policies. most of those people are going to discover that if they go on the exchanges, they will find a better deal and that the insurance they had would be canceled when they got sick, that they would be dropped if they developed some sort of condition. it is what they call junk insurance. so, time will sort this out. the website will be fixed. people will discover they have options and this will entering now a period of dualing anecdotes, horror stories versus success stories. >> chris matthews, why wait on time? why don't you sort out what she just said. >> i
with the affordable care act. >> reporter:ç the defense, ina you were -- insurerers had the option to update and could cancel plans before the law. >> half the people in the market before 2010 didn't stay on policies, they were kicked off or preexisting conditions and premiums went up at least 20% a year. >> reporter: the white house knew between 45 to 75% of plans cannot compile and would have to change countering unqualified assurances from president obama. >> if you're one of the more than 250 million american whose already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. this law will only make it more secure and more affordable. >> reporter: but change was to be expected says georgetown's sabrina with the individual market effectively now one large pool. >> if you have employer based coverage and a healthy person you're subsidizing your fellow employees that may need more. >> reporter: for some it's not delivered like the healthcare.gov website. >> the white house site says if you have health insurance you like you'll be able to keep it. she has health insurance she likes. sh
" for wednesday, october 30th. >>> good evening everyone. we begin with president obama on the defensive speaking from boston, the president tried to drum up support for the troubled health care program. he chose samuel hall where a massachusetts health care plan was signed into law seven years ago and considered a successful template for the president's own affordable care act. he admitted to problems with his health care website and that people are getting cancellations notices, but he said giving people health care should be a no brainer. shifting blame for cancelled policies on private insuranceç companies. >> nobody is losing their right to health care coverage, and no insurance company will be able to deny you coverage or drop you as a customer all together. those days are all over, and that's the truth. [ applause ] >> that is the truth. >> despite the rocky start to the health care marketplace, president obama assured the crowd quote we'll see this through. >> seeing it through is what the president had in mind but different on capitol hill, grilled and drilled as members of the house g
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3